These are The Benefits of Tea For Your Health

Tea that you know so far may indeed you enjoy for the warmth of your body. In fact, tea has the ability and other benefits are also good for your body. You can even consume red tea as a skinny fit tea that can help in lowering fat in your body.

All types of tea do have different benefits. However, all of this tea has some of the same functions for your health. Some of the functions in question are

– Lose weight
Related weight, a study in 2011 in Journal Obesity found that mice given a diet high in fat and given compounds contained in green tea have a slower weight growth rate than in mice that are not given the compound.
There are so many kinds of tea that good for your weight, some of the kinds is red tea and green tea. But, be careful to choose green tea to consume because in it so many sugar that contain. So, choose properly before you consume green tea.

– Reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke
Polyphenol content in tea can help lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels that caused a stroke and heart disease that bad for your health. These are so many contents in tea can lower blood pressure and hardening arteries that are directly proportional to heart health.
Drinking tea can help keep your arteries free from clogging, it can also make urination more regular.

– Prevent cancer
Polyphenols, antioxidants found in tea have a cancer-fighting effect. But for tea, the benefit this one is still not so convincing because there is still some research that gives positive impact and negative impact.

So, consume tea will make your health increase and make you healthy in your life.