It’s The Type Of Food That May Be Consumed By You Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery in some parts of the body is a surgery that is vulnerable to failure. So, it will be very important if you use the services of top plastic surgeons washington state so that the results you will get can be more perfect and good.

After plastic surgery, there are some foods that you should not consume and there are some foods that are allowed to be consumed. In fact, if only surgery in the eye such as removing eye bags or making eye creases, there are no strict food rules. But another story if surgery was done in the nose, jaw or mouth.

These three sections are considered to require special attention. Excessive motion of the mouth may cause pain or lose stitches. Most of the patients who have just completed surgery can only eat soft-textured foods. Generally, they can only eat porridge and drink water. Some plastic surgery doctors recommend the food because it is what the body can tolerate after the operation.