The unique business culture in Indonesia

The business culture in Indonesia also has an unwritten rule when it comes to entering the boardroom. Where the person with the highest position must enter the meeting room first, and just followed by other employees. This is seen as a way of honoring a superior or a person with a higher position. In the meantime, perhaps you also need to find more info about establish a company in Indonesia.

The word ‘yes’ has a lot of meaning

This happens because some Indonesians prefer to avoid conflicts in business and work affairs. Where during the discussion, they were eager to avoid disagreement and agree on several things. However, in reality, they have different opinions. Due to wanting to avoid conflict, most Indonesians will say ‘yes’ even though they disagree.

The Agreement Is Important

For Indonesians, a deal is an important thing to do. Where all decisions and measures to be taken should be based on the agreement and has been approved by all concerned, even if the solution is taken is not the best solution. It is because the important thing is that the solution has been approved by everyone. In addition, the Indonesian people also respect the opinions of senior and senior follow what is said because they thought that seniors know various things and have much more experience.

Clean Reputation

Reputation is an important thing according to Indonesian business culture, as it represents one’s honor and value. So most Indonesians will keep their reputation clean. They will try to avoid business disputes that can cause conflicts and damage good relationships in business. In addition to maintaining a reputation, they will also avoid public criticism, as they prefer criticism to be said in private rather than given in front of other people or public platforms.

Appearance in Business

Appearance is the number one thing that can show how professional they are in business. For this reason, many Indonesian companies require their employees to dress formally. However, employees or women workers are expected to dress appropriately and show the humility that is the value of Indonesian culture. There are also several companies that provide uniforms that must be used by employees.